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20 Top Sweet Pick Up Lines

One of the ways to attract women is to be able to approach them confidently. Some guys can be funny, amusing or witty but what is important is to be able to say the right words. Guys from different parts of the world use different pick up lines, some may be subtle, others may be funny or some might … [Read More...]


Sweet Pick Up Lines For Men

There are so many sweet pick up lines out there for a man to utilize when he is trying to approach a woman for the first time. Being instantly attracted to someone is magical, especially when the gorgeous woman you have been staring at suddenly notices you and a spark of interest begins. What do you … [Read More...]


Top 15 Most Effective Pick Up Lines

Although many of you may know that pick up lines are highly over-rated, it has been found that in some cases they are very effective. Now, not just any pick up line will do. Now a lot of you may think, why waste your time coming up with pick up lines. Well think no further, just use the one's I'm … [Read More...]

Pick Up Lines


Pick Up Lines Crack The tension

Any time females notice the definition of pick up line, they think about worthless attempts from humor that will by no means become uttered through any personal … [Read More...]


Modern Man – Best Pick Up Lines to Pick Up Women

There are many ways to begin a conversation with a woman that you don't know. Many men choose to use pick up lines. Now women know better than to fall for … [Read More...]


Do Pick-Up Lines Work?

Now, I'm sure you've seen plenty of movies where a guy comes up to a girl, and says some cheesy pick up line, and suddenly, the girl is so enamored with him … [Read More...]

Pick Up Lines For Girls


Pick Up Girls

If you want to know how to pick up girls you need to focus on two things. One is knowledge. The other is experience. In general, the more you try to pick up … [Read More...]


3 Perfect Pick Up Lines For Girls – Seduce Him Now

Finding the right guy can be difficult. The truth is, most people have really great personalities, but they just don't them show. We all say the same thing, … [Read More...]


Pick Up Lines For Girls – Popular Lines Girls Could Use

If guys know how to use pick up lines, there are pick up lines for girls as well. That's just to show that men and women are on equal footing. Everything is … [Read More...]